Sun, 21 Dec 2014 11:00:15 GMT

Realty Income's track record merits attention
The Spokesman Review
A smart way to get rich by investing is to put your money in companies with strong dividend histories and great business models that consistently deliver market-beating performance. One such company is real estate investment trust (REIT) Realty Income Corp ...

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Sun, 21 Dec 2014 09:16:45 GMT

BitTorrent's Offer To Sony: Release "The Interview" Safely Online With Us And ...
In the days after Sony canceled the theatrical release of the Seth Rogen, James Franco comedy The Interview, the studio has so far failed to make any alternative distribution arrangements, in part because crucial Video On Demand partners are unwilling to ...

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Sun, 21 Dec 2014 08:08:04 GMT

BBB Tip of the Week
The Spokesman Review
Imitator sites cannot provide tax benefits, qualify you for lower cost insurance, and may even fraudulently sell you a health savings plan as insurance or take your money for no insurance at all. When searching online, many imitators come up, making it confusing. To make sure you are not on an imitator's website, start at www.healthcare.gov, and then select your state to be directed to the legitimate website. • When you enroll by the Tuesday deadline at www.wahealthplanfinder.org, your coverage will start on Jan 1.